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3DMA, Hightech in wood - made in Germany
Products and product examples
3DMA-HMI-01 - Latest product development with the Fraunhofer Gesellschaft, among others:
The 3DMA-HMI-01 is a customisable interactive human machine interface for multi-control applications for various environmental controls. It is characterised by an operable information display through the wood by means of the latest flexible and ultra-thin OLED electronics from Fraunhofer. An additional AMOLED display provides detailed information on the environment settings, which can be adjusted by touch on the OLED wood transillumination.
The 3DMA-HMI-01 is designed in such a way that it can be operated without elaborate texts, and thus across languages. The user interface differs in that it is designed for multi-controls and thus a very wide range of very different devices can be operated with it.
Due to the ultra-thin flexible product structure of the printed and partly organic electronics, the interface is suitable for integration in surfaces and especially in thin, curved objects that are freely located in space, for single-sided and multi-sided operation. Through various sensors, the interface already reacts interactively to people in the environment and can be operated by means of touch and slide functions.
The interface has been developed for use in various interior environments. In addition to its use in smart buildings, it is also suitable for yacht interiors, automotive and aerospace applications for customers in the high-end price segment.

3DMA-SLM1 - Product demonstrator and prototype:
Device: Sound level meter in 3DMA burl wood
Board: 3,5 mm thickness, 600 mm width, 150 mm height, with integrated electroluminescence display for visualization of room sound
Base: acrylic glass with acoustic textile front membrane
The device reacts to music and sounds in the environment. By means of a display of printed electroluminescence embedded in the finely thin burl wood, the sounds received are transformed into luminous effects.
As a demonstrator and product example, the 3DMA-SLM1 shows to some extent what can be realised with sounds and music in selected room environments with mood lighting effects in noble Burl-Wood with 3DMA.

Examples of high-tech-in-wood products:
  • Room controls, smart room and object controls
  • Display boards and devices
  • Wooden interactive objects, surfaces and environments
    e.g: Interactive company entrance made of wood
  • Mood lighting: mood and ambience lighting - moving light in wood
  • Image and film projection in wood surfaces:
(when "off", the wood has an effect, when "on", transilluminations have an effect)
  • Light objects and lighting: integrated illuminated surfaces in wood
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