Sustainability - 3DMA, Hightech in wood - Made in Germany

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3DMA, Hightech in wood - made in Germany
In the 3DMA, not only the surface is made of wood, but the complete structure (without plastic back injection). The wood material structure of the 3DMA itself consists of around 80% natural wood, without additional chemical processing.
The proportions of wood can vary +/- depending on the desired structure and the properties of the 3DMA. The remaining components are a composition of plastics and stabilizers, among other things. We make sure that the glues and lacquers used are as compatible as possible with people and the environment, but still achieve the necessary product properties.
Sustainability, material efficiency and many other advantages of integrated printed electronics play a major role (very thin, small, light, mostly flexible and super resource-efficient, mostly produced in a much more environmentally friendly way, very energy-saving in use, etc.).
In this way, we build a bridge from resource- & environment-friendly people to high-tech products with equally resource- & environment-saving properties (tiny amounts of substrates or plastic).
10% of the profit is invested in additional environmental projects.
Long-term: Implementation 3DMA-2.0 a finer, special, particularly environmentally friendly and high-quality material structure made of residual and recycled wood.
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